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FREE WINNER 2/22/18 TENN ST/TENN OVER 135!!! *****

It is time again for our playoff special. Last year 2016, I promised to go at least 80% with 6 picks in the NFL playoffs. Guess what I went  5 WINs and 1 loss which was Greenbay against Atlanta.

This year I will again promise to go at least 80% or I will give our Superbowl winner for FREE and 1 week of Baseball OVER/UNDERS FREE from April 16-April 22. $50 for 6 picks. You know how we are in Baseball. Contact me before January 5th, 2018.

You can either email me at scottiecanpick@gmail.com or go to my contact page and fill out info and send.  Remember we at scottiecanpick.com are a cut above everyone “You can bet on it”


Below is some history of our Picks.

Hello Everyone,
This is Scottie from scottiecanpick.com  Last year if you were with me, we went 78%. AWESOME!! We bet on OVERS/UNDERS on baseball. This year I started April 14th and ended May 14th and gave FREE picks, 19 Total and went 14-4-1. That’s 77.77%. Check ABOUT page for past picks.


Go to contact page and fill in your email and let’s make some money$$

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